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Mandy, RN, Medford, Oregon
Mandy, RN, Medford, Oregon

Hiring policies

When you submit a job application, you may choose to agree or not agree to have certain screenings if you receive a job offer. These include a background check, drug tests and a physical exam. View our hiring policies.

Types of applicants

The way you apply depends on whether you’re new to the organization or a current employee.

Minimum qualifications

  • Three professional references.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Pass a drug screen.

Search job openings

On our job search site, look for current openings by keywords and filter your search results by career categories and locations.

Submit an application

When you find a job you want to apply for, select the "Apply Now” button above the job title.

Your job applicant account

You’ll need to set up an account to apply for a job. You can also use your account to:

  • Enter your resume manually and/or upload it as a PDF document.
  • Save jobs you’re interested in so you can apply later.
  • Share information about job areas of interest.
  • Withdraw a completed application.

Once you have an account, a recruiter may contact you about open positions that match your skills and career interests.

What to provide when you apply

You’ll be asked about:

  • Education, credentials, skills and achievements.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States without employer sponsorship.
  • Past employers and if we can contact them.
  • Professional references and their contact information.
  • Start date, shift availability and preference for full- or part-time work.
  • Willingness to authorize paycheck direct deposit.

Having technical issues?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties submitting your application, please email [email protected].

View Troubleshooting Guide

What’s happens after I apply?

Our recruitment team works quickly to review your application soon after it has been received. Once we confirm you meet the minimum qualifications of the job, you may be asked to complete our prescreening requirements. This includes a professional reference check, in which we ask that you provide a minimum of three professional references. These prescreening steps allow us to get to know you a little bit more, beyond your application. If you have any questions, don’t worry, our team is available to walk you through the process.

If you receive an job offer from us, you will quickly start our onboarding process, which requires you to successfully complete our pre-employment screening: background check, drug screening, physical exam and HR appointment. Your recruiter will provide you with these instructions at the time of offer. View our hiring policies.

If you weren’t selected for a job, you will be contacted either via email or by phone. While Asante is a highly competitive employer, your recruiter can help you by providing additional opportunities throughout the system. Sign up for job alerts and join our Talent Network to stay connected with us for current and new openings at Asante.

When will I hear from Asante?

An Asante recruiter will review your application. Expect an update about the position and your application by phone call or email within a few weeks. Make sure you check your email routinely for updates. Add [email protected] to your email provider’s list of safe senders so you receive responses about your application. If your skills match the position qualifications, a recruiter may schedule a phone interview. If you move forward in the process, you’ll have an on-site or video interview.

Onboarding process

If you receive a job offer, your recruiter will start the onboarding process, which includes a new hire orientation.

Virtual interview

Asante relied heavily on our virtual interview platforms during the pandemic to keep everyone safe. Now, we use our virtual interview options for candidate flexibility! Depending on the role, you may be set up with a virtual interview. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare for our two-way virtual interview process.

Our recruiters may ask you to complete two virtual interviews (a one-way virtual interview and two-way virtual interview) depending on the type of role and screening status of the position you are being considered for. For many of our positions, we may invite you to complete a one-way virtual interview – which helps us to know you better. This is one of our first steps in our screening process and, if invited, you will receive instructions along with tips on how to complete our one-way video interview.

If you are invited to an interview with the hiring leaders and/or staff, we are currently using a virtual method that has replaced many of our in-person interviews. Here are some common tips and tricks to help prepare you for a successful two-way interview:

Test your technology

Although technology can be unreliable, it is always best to try and prepare your equipment to prevent any awkward face freezes or audio mishaps! To do this, our virtual partners, Hirevue, has resources available to test your equipment prior to your interview along with instructions upon invite. If the video interview is unsuccessful, the hiring leader will call you to complete the interview over the phone – so have your phone muted and nearby.

Prevent distractions

Make sure the time you agree to is one that will allow you to be alone with no background distractions (silent your phone!), light reflections, noise or disruptions. Remember, this is your first meeting with the hiring leader - and although you aren’t in their office, you’ll want to create an environment that closely resembles one as if you were in person – clear, quiet and focused.

Dress to impress - and for success!

Try to match how you would present yourself in an in-person interview by dressing in business casual wear. Although we live in a virtual world, you can project your professionalism through a video interview.

Virtual identity check

Remember how you present yourself to the hiring leader and/or committee will be used to evaluate you as the best candidate for the position. Be sure to doublecheck your email and any usernames to ensure they are professional.

Virtual body language has replaced the old handshake! However, many of our body languages remain the same. To exude confidence in your virtual interview, sit up straight, speak clearly and remember to smile! Although difficult at times, try and focus on the web cam to speak directly to the hiring leader.

Show up prepared

As with any interview setting, virtual or in-person, show up with questions you may have about the position and prep how you will answer common interview questions such as; why are you interested in this role?

Phone interview

Talk to the recruiter about the department or location you’re interested in. Your recruiter will give you a timeline of when to expect information by phone or email about next steps after the phone interview.

Interview tips

To do well:

  • Before your interview, prepare responses to typical job interview questions. Think of experiences that highlight your skills and show your successes.
  • Research Asante. When you talk about your accomplishments, relate them to what Asante is looking for.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask your interviewer.
  • Dress professionally. Asante promotes and requires business casual style.
  • Have ready a portfolio, copies of your resume, a pen and paper for taking notes.
  • Arrive a minute or two early.
  • Be confident and calm. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Listen to the entire question before you answer. Be honest.

Resume tips

Give yourself the best chance for consideration by making your resume well-organized and tailoring it to the position you’re applying to. When you create your resume:

  • Choose a font that is easy to read in 10 to 12 points in size. Use bold headers.
  • Give a complete work and education history. List jobs in chronological order from current to oldest. Include job titles and reasons for leaving.
  • Highlight your unique accomplishments, skills and strengths. List certifications that are relevant to the position.
  • Keep length to two pages or less.
  • Make your resume eye-catching but simple and easy to read.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Have another person review your resume to find any errors.
  • Use action words.
  • Include a career summary — a brief overview of who you are and what you do — instead of an objective statement.

Nurse anti-retaliation notice

Download Oregon’s Nurse Staffing Law Anti-Retaliation Notice (PDF). This protects nursing staff from retaliation if they disclose a hospital activity, policy or practice in violation of a law or professional standards of practice that may pose a risk to the health, safety or welfare of a patient or the public.

Out-of-state registered nurses

Whether you are transferring from out of state or applying for a renewal, visit Oregon State Board of Nursing to complete an Oregon nursing license application.

Hiring policies

See employer policies, including our commitment to equal opportunity hiring.

View Policy